CC Day 8 – Guest Post by Claire Bradburn

Today marks the fourth anniversary since I lost my Dad, Alan to Cholangiocarcinoma.

Prior to my Dad’s incredibly late diagnosis, I had never even heard the word before. This is something that needs to change.

When my Dad came home from hospital for his final days, his discharge sheet for the District Nurses stated ‘treat as Pancreatic Cancer’ which highlights the lack of knowledge and education some of our healthcare professionals have about this deadly disease.

As we all know, in our ever growing CC family, late diagnosis leaves minimal or no treatment options.

AMMF’s Awareness Month is trying to change this and I have been actively involved for the past four years. The key aim is to raise the profile of Cholangiocarcinoma and ensure that symptoms are recognised, not confused with other conditions.

Awareness is paramount and should not be restricted to once a year. ‘Liking’ and ‘sharing’ posts on social media will help educate people and hopefully one day soon, those crucial diagnoses will be made before it’s too late.

We have an army of supporters who have lost loved ones to Cholangiocarcinoma, fighting to make this disease curative rather than palliative. But we cannot do it alone.

So if you can do one thing for me, my Dad, all those incredibly brave and inspirational people who continue to fight, and those we have loved and lost, please share and help raise awareness of this seemingly unknown cancer. It would mean the world and it could help to save a life.

To my Dad; you are my world. You taught me to be brave and to fight for what you believe in, even if you feel you are fighting alone. You guide me and our family each and every day and for that we are forever blessed. I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you always.

My Dad, Alan