CC Day 20 – Guest Post by Liam Crossley

On this day, February 20th 2015, Lucy-May Crossley lost her short, most courageous battle with CC, she was just 29 years old.

They say time heals, in actual fact time never stops to let you heal your wounds, or wipe your tears. It just carries on regardless. It’s the people around you that help heal your broken heart. Those you choose to surround yourself with that help ease the pain, and love you just that little bit stronger hoping you will be ok.

No day passes without Lucy being remembered. I’m told of things that remind people of Lucy daily and their personal experiences are the most warming. Lucy touched so many hearts throughout her life, and is still spoken about with such love.

I’m certain every person blessed to have had Lucy in their lives will continue to be truly inspired by everything she was and will always be. I’m overwhelmed by how much people still do in Lucy’s memory, all for AMMF, and cannot thank you all enough for raising awareness in the name of my inspirational wife.

Upon diagnosis Lucy’s drive and will to live created a refusal to go down without a fight or be defined by this! So we did everything in our power to keep her strong, fit and healthy to help her fight this horrible disease. We then found AMMF and began a touching relationship with Helen and her team. Another reason for Lucy to continue with confidence and determination.

Unfortunately, even with the support, information and contact provided by AMMF, Lucy’s cancer rapidly progressed and with options decreasing, Lucy’s liver was shutting down.

But, determined to keep trying to better her life expectancy, underwent a procedure to give her more time, unfortunately this lead to Lucy’s demise.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Lucy-May Crossley (nee Thomsett)


Lucy-May always smiling!


Liam with Lucy-May