AMMF’s Hybrid 2024 European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference

All presentations from AMMF’s 3-day European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference held 08-10 May 2024 are now available here to watch again. Simply click on the topic title to see that presentation. 

Poster presentations are available here. 

Topic Presenter
ENS-CCA + COST Action project – An update Professor Rocio IR Macias
University of Salamanca/ IBSAL/CIBEREHD)
CCA – UK – An update Professor Sheela Jayaraman
University of Nottingham
Question time Panel
Patients and the public in the research agenda Dr Tim Kendall
University of Edinburgh
Deciphering the impact of THBS1, THBS2, and PEDF in the Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma cell malignancy (AMMF funded) Dr Veronica Porreca
Sapienza University Rome, Italy
Multiplexed detection of biomarkers for HCC and CCA using a novel nanopore-based sensing platform (AMMF funded) Dr Micol Damiani
Imperial College London
Early steps of CCA development: genetic and epigenetic alterations Professor Stephanie Roessler
University Hospital, Heidelberg Germany
Somatic BRCA1/2 mutations in peri-hilar cholangiocarcinoma (AMMF funded) Mr Marc Quinn
University of Liverpool
Question Time Panel
Transport proteins: key players in CCA diagnosis, prognosis and treatment Professor Rocio IR Macias
University of Salamanca/IBSAL/CIBEREHD
Cholangiocarcinoma-on-chip: a 3D liver tumour platform for personalised medicine Dr Michela Polidoro
Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan
Question time Panel
The role of monocytes in modulating chemotherapy response (AMMF funded) Francesco Amato
University of Glasgow, School of Cancer Sciences
Ultra high-resolution mapping of spatial patterns of gene and protein expression in cholangiocarcinoma and the cholangiocarcinoma tumour microenvironment. (AMMF funded) Dr Isioma U. Egbuniwe
University of Nottingham
Question time Panel
Conference highlights Professor Shahid A Khan
Professor Chiara Braconi
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