AMMF’s Hybrid 2024 European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference

All presentations from AMMF’s 3-day European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference held 08-10 May 2024 are now available here to watch again. Simply click on the topic title to see that presentation. 

Poster presentations are available here. 

Topic Presenter
Co-Chairs Welcome Professor Shahid A Khan
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust & Imperial College London

Professor Chiara Braconi
University of Glasgow, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Chair ENSCCA
Overview of cholangiocarcinoma and AMMF’s Work Helen Morement
BSG Guidelines Dr Simon Rushbrook
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS
Question Time Panel
Curiosity and misdiagnosis Benjamin Carey
Liver Transplantation for CCA: EMPHATIC the UK Pilot Evaluation Professor Douglas Thorburn
Royal Free Hospital & University College London, London
3D Surgery Planning Mr Arjun Takhar
University Hospital Southampton
Trials/Immunotherapy etc Professor John Bridgewater
UCL Cancer Institute, University College London
Question time Panel
Case Study 1 – Advanced CCA

Case Study 2 – Resectable
Presented by: Professor Chiara Braconi
Presented by: Mr Hassan Malik

Discussion Panel:
Endoscopy – Dr Christopher Wadsworth
Surgery – Professor Brian Davidson
Oncology– Professor John Bridgewater & Professor Lorenza Rimassa
Radiotherapy – Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna
AstraZeneca sponsored session: The Psychological Impact of Diagnosis Professor Juan Valle
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, Utah, USA and Division of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester

Andy Clay
CCA Patient Advocate and AMMF Discussion Forum Moderator
Asp-PSC Trial Professor Shahid A Khan
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust & Imperial College London
CAPBIL Study : UK Nationwide Surgical Audit Professor Dhanny Gomez
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Nottingham
Centres of Expertise – Overview and update Mr Hassan Z Malik
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Question time Panel
Between survival and disaster Ilona Smith
Combating Cholangiocarcinoma in Thailand and Great Mekong Subregion Countries: An update Associate Prof. Watcharin Loilome
Khon Kaen University, Thailand
CCA in Italy – An overview Professor Lorenza Rimassa
Humanitas University and IRCCS
Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan
CCA in Belgium – An overview Professor Chris Verslype
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
CCA in Norway – An overview Panel
Standing up to cancer Mr Gareth Honeybone
AMMF Award Trustees
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