AMMF’s Virtual 2021 European Cholangiocarcinoma Conference – Video Archive

Session 5: Scientific updates – AMMF funded research

Identifying tumour suppressors that interact with oncogenic Kras in intrahepatic CCA – Mollie Wilson University of Edinburgh

Virus-driven intrahepatic CCA – Dr Stephen Griffin University of Leeds

New epigenetic therapies for experimental CCA – Professor Matiás Avila CIMA University of Navarra, Spain

Q&A – Re first three AMMF-funded scientific presentations

The therapeutic benefit of targeting Wnt receptors in metastatic CCA – Dr Toby Phesse Cardiff University

Identification of actionable targets in peri-hilar CCA using whole exome sequencing – Mr Marc Quinn University of Liverpool

TWEAK/Fn14 signalling promotes CCA niche formation and progression – Dr Ben Dwyer Edinburgh / Curtin University Perth, Western Australia

Q&A – Re final three AMMF-funded scientific presentations