AMMF CCA Conference 2019 – Speakers

AMMF is very grateful to each of the specialists, scientists and researchers, all of whom are at the forefront of their particular cholangiocarcinoma field, who gave so generously of their time to present what’s new in research, treatments and clinical trials, at AMMF’s 2019 conference.

All the slide presentations we have been allowed to share can be accessed from the images below.

Helen Morement, CEO, AMMF
“The work of AMMF – an overview”
To see Helen Morement’s slides, click here

Professor Shahid A Khan
“CCA coding, Data and its importance”
To see Professor Khan’s slides, click here

Tracey Genus, AMMF Data Analyst
“The CCA Data Project, and the findings to date”

Mr Michael Silva
“IPNB – a precursor to CCA”
To see Mr Silva’s slides, click here

Dr Jesús Bañales
“The Work of ENS-CCA”
To see Dr Bañales’s slides, click here

Dr Vincenzo Cardinale
“The E-COST CCA Project”
To see Dr Cardinale’s slides,click here

Liza Strydom, Senior Specialist Dietitian
“Cholangiocarcinoma and your diet”
To see Liza Strydom’s slides,
click here

Pam O’Donoghue, Lead HPB CNS
“The Work of the HPB Clinical Nurse Specialist”

Nicholas Younger
“Looking for driver interactions between common and rear CCA mutations”
To see Nicholas Younger’s slides, click here

Dr Ed Jarman
“Understanding the role of Dickkopf-1 in CCA”
To see Dr Jarman’s slides,
click here

Mr Marc Quinn
“Whole Exome sequencing in CCA”
To see Mr Quinn’s slides, click here

Dr Francisco Javier Cubero
“A novel experimental model to understand CCA”
To see Dr Cubero’s slides,
click here

Professor Narong Khuntikeo
“Combating CCA in Southeast Asia”

Professor Robert Goldin
“The Pathology of CCA”
To see Professor Goldin’s slides, click here

Professor Maria Hawkins
“Radiotherapy for CCA – where are we now?”

Dr Christopher Wadsworth
“Endoscopy – overview and update”

Mr Hassan Malik
“Surgery for CCA – an update”
To see Mr Malik’s slides, click here

Professor John Bridgewater
“CCA Treatments and Trials – an update”
To see Professor Bridgewater’s slides, click here

Dr Luke Boulter
“Models of CCA (animal & organoid)”

Dr Chiara Braconi
“Models of CCA (animal & organoid)”
To see Dr Braconi’s slides,
click here

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