Amble for AMMF – Keeping it Legal

Taking on the Amble for AMMF yourself, or including only personal friends and family, is considered a private event with no legal implications.

However please be aware of the following points:
If you involve members of the public (ie, people not personally known to you) then there are various rules and regulations which apply and are outlined below, and you will be responsible for ensuring that your Amble event complies with the law.

Insurance If you organise an event that involves the public in any way, you will need to ensure that you have Public Liability Insurance. This can be purchased from an insurance company or broker. The owners of your venue, where you are holding your event may have suitable insurance that would cover your event so it is always worth checking. If sub-contractors or facilities (bouncy castles, caterers, furniture etc) are used, make sure that the staff and companies provide proof of their own insurance cover by providing a copy of their Insurance certificate.

Stay safe Make sure that everyone is safe and having fun while raising funds for AMMF. AMMF cannot be held responsible for accidents, so make sure that your event is safe for all concerned. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a great source of information and advice. They recommend that event organisers carry out a careful assessment of anything related to your event that could cause harm, to make sure that no-one is fundraising, working or spectating in an unsafe environment, and ensure that risks are minimised to an acceptable level. You can also obtain useful advice from St John’s Ambulance about what First Aid is necessary.

Children While we welcome under 16s fundraising for AMMF there are legal restrictions as to what they can do. Under 16s can be sponsored to take part in an event, or help organise an event or collection but there must always be an adult present and in charge to deal with all handling, counting, and physically collecting the money raised.

If you have any further queries about your fundraising event, you can:

  • Seek advice from your local council about licensing, trading standards and health and safety issues
  • Check with your local police if you are planning an event in a public place
  • Or ask us. Contact the fundraising team at or call 01279 661479
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