The ACTICCA-1 trial is a randomized Phase III trial which looks to compare Gemcitabine and Cisplatin against Capecitabine alone (currently the standard treatment) for those who have had a resection for their cholangiocarcinoma or gall bladder cancer.

ACTICCA-1 is an international multi-centre trial, and is currently open and recruiting at 20+ centres across the UK. For details on these centres, including contact details, see:

Also, see: and search for Study:  ACTICCA-1

Lead investigator on the ACTICCA-1 trial in the UK:
Professor John Bridgewater
Medical Oncologist, University College Hospital London

Tel: 020 3447 9093
Fax: 020 3447 9055

UCL Cancer Institute
72 Huntley Street
London   WC1E 6AA

The BILCAP Study
Following the result of the long running BILCAP study, those who have undergone a resection for their cholangiocarcinoma or gall bladder cancer, and who fit the eligibility criteria, are now offered Capecitabine chemotherapy.

For more information on the BILCAP result, please see:  And:

In this video Dr John Marshall of Georgetown University, and Professor John Primrose of the University of Southampton, discuss the practice-changing findings of the BILCAP study which investigated adjuvant capecitabine for biliary tract cancer (cholangiocarcinoma).  The pan-European study that Professor Primrose refers to (6:09 into the interview) is the ACTICCA-1 trial.

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