ABC-06  (2nd line chemotherapy trial)

Update June 2019:  The ABC-06 study, a randomized trial for those with advanced or metastatic cholangiocarcinoma who have already received first line treatment with the combination Gemcitabine/Cisplatin chemotherapy, met its recruitment target of 162 patients on 5th January, 2018.

Patients on the active arm of the ABC-06 study received ‘Active Symptom Control’ plus a combination of Oxaliplatin, L-folinic acid and 5-fluorouracil (abbreviated to mFOLFOX) every 14 days up to 12 times.  Those randomised to the control arm of the study received ‘Active Symptom Control’ alone.

It has now been shown that for those on the active arm of the study, survival after 12 months increased from 10% to 25%.  However, it was also shown that those on the ‘Active Symptom Control’ alone arm of the study, ie, those who didn’t receive the chemotherapy combination, lived longer than expected.  This would seem to demonstrate the value of this very defined regime of patient care over the current, ‘best supportive care’ approach.

The initial results of the trial were presented at the prestigious international ASCO conference in Chicago in early June 2019, and mFOLFOX now looks set to become the new global 2nd line standard of care.

For a more detailed explanation of the ABC-06 study and the important outcome, click here.

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