AMMF’s Summer of ‘Fun’-raising ideas!

When the weather turns warmer and the days seem longer, the team at AMMF get the itch to be outdoors! What better way to use the space around us and all the ‘extra’ hours we seem to find, than spending time with family and friends, having fun but also making a difference?

The summer holidays can be a long time to keep the kids happy and occupied and not everyone wants to  venture abroad. So here are some simple, fun ideas to fill the long days and to also help to raise some funds for AMMF along the way!

Summer Treasure Hunt

Summer is the time for adventure, and what a great time to get everyone involved in a treasure hunt! It may take some planning but with the right preparation, you can give everyone a memorable event.

Get friends and family to ‘pay’ to enter in teams. This entry fee can then be passed to AMMF as a donation.You could hold the ‘Hunt’ in a local park and  leave clues and challenges around for teams to hunt down and complete. The prize? Well, that’s up to you, it could be something funny, thoughtful or ‘home-made’!

Please note:  Be safe, be careful, be legal. To see our ‘Keeping it legal’ information sheet, click here.

Sandcastle Contest

If you’re headed for the beach this summer, why not get everyone together to take part in a sandcastle competition? You could have kids versus adults! Everyone ‘pays’ to enter and has a set time to complete their sandcastle. You could post pictures instantly on social media, letting others know what you are doing and why, and the winner could the be the one with the most ‘Likes’!


Car Wash

A good old-fashioned car wash is a classic summer fundraising idea. Let friends, family and neighbours know when it is, suggest a donation and maybe even offer different levels of service, such as a wax or a vacuum.

With the added bonus of a possible ‘water fight’ at the end, what better way is there to keep cool on a hot, summer’s day!

Film Night

Host a film night by ‘selling’ tickets, popcorn and drinks. Cater for everyone’s taste by showing some classic family blockbusters, think: Jurassic Park, Toy Story or a Marvel classic!

Sports Day

A really good one for wearing the kids out! For a minimum donation, you can get everyone involved with the old school classics like a wheel barrow race, three-legged race, egg and spoon race, water balloon toss and a sack race. Think of team events too, like a tug-of-war. Who says the kids have to have all the fun!

Art Show

A fantastic way to let the kids loose with their imagination! Let them channel their inner Picasso and spend the day creating their one-offs. Even get them to design posters advertising their art show! Charge family and friends an ‘entrance’ fee and you could spend the evening auctioning off their masterpieces to the highest bidder.

Other summer ‘fun’-raising ideas to try, are:

  • Summer fashion show
  • Teddy Bears picnic
  • Pamper party
  • Sleepovers
  • Pool (paddling!) party
  • Bug hunt

The list is endless, like the summer evenings! Whatever you decide to do this summer, have fun and help AMMF to keep raising awareness!

To download AMMF’s ‘Keeping it legal’ information sheet, click here

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