Cholangiocarcinoma Experts of the Future!

Twelve aspiring medics from the Imperial College London School of Medicine who were involved in the new second year ‘Clinical Research and Innovation’ module, were selected to take part in a cholangiocarcinoma research experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand, in the summer of 2018.

Tom O’Connor and Tom Hughes, members of the group of twelve, had already forged strong bonds with the Khon Kaen team during an elective period of study before beginning their course at Imperial.  During that time they blogged about their work and experiences, and shared this and a video with AMMF1.

Imperial College Medical Students attend AMMF’s CCA Conference

As the Two Toms were ‘old hands’, they suggested to their fellow students that they might benefit from attending AMMF’s annual CCA conference to learn more about cholangiocarcinoma before setting off for Thailand.  So it was a pleasure for AMMF to invite this group of students to attend our 2018 conference , which certainly gave them an overview of the disease itself, its many problems and the current state of progress with research.


Imperial Students with Professor Narong and the Khon Kaen team

Once in Thailand, before the students embarked on their research projects, the Khon Kaen team spent time introducing the group to the biological, biochemical, and socio-cultural elements of what is a complicated system of culture, and to the work of Khon Kaen University and CASCAP in tackling the enormous problem of cholangiocarcinoma in the region.



For Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month 2019, the students have kindly prepared a report of their experience for AMMF and this, along with photographs, can be seen by clicking here:





Well done to all the students – all of us at AMMF hope they have benefited from what was a truly remarkable opportunity and experience. 

1To see the “Two Toms in Thailand” go to:

February 2019