The Cancer52 CNS Report

Through their work, Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) can bring invaluable support and humanity to the treatment and care of their patients.

To demonstrate the importance of their work, and how it can improve the quality of life for patients diagnosed with the rare and less common cancers, Cancer52¹ have produced a report:

“Clinical Nurse Specialists working with people with rare and less common Cancers.  Some personal perspectives from nurses and patients.”

To read the full report, click here

Lynne McCallum, a CNS for people with HPB cancers and neuroendocrine tumours, is one of the nurses highlighted in the report. Her patient, Matt Schofield, who was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma at the age of 41, talks about his life, and how important Lynne’s support is to him and to his family.  (see pages 12 – 14 of the report)


CNS Lynne McCallum explains her work, and Matt speaks about how important he has found her support ….








AMMF was delighted to be amongst those who supported Cancer52’s CNS report, and is also very grateful to Lynne McCallum and Matt Schofield for their generous involvement in this project…

AMMF supported Cancer52’s CNS project










1 Cancer52 – an alliance of 90+ of the rare and less common cancer organisations working to address inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.  AMMF is an active member of Cancer52.


July 2017