AMMF’s brochure – updated …

AMMF’s brochure has been updated and is now available in two versions – a printed version and a download version available from our website.

Simple and straightforward, this 6-page brochure contains information on AMMF and its aims, and provides details on cholangiocarcinoma in an easy to understand way.

Everyone can use the brochure to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma and of AMMF – make sure you have some when you have a fundraising event, take them to the hospital for your CNS, doctors and consultants, and definitely drop one or two in at your GP’s …

AMMF's Brochure - June 2013

AMMF’s Brochure – December 2016

If you would like some copies, just email with how many you would like, and your postal address, and we’ll get them sent off to you.






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To download the pdf version, click here





December 2016