PCI Biotech trial report

A cancer focused biopharmaceutical company based in Norway, PCI Biotech, have recently reported an update on their phase I/II study in inoperable bile duct cancer patients.

“The phase I part of the study has been completed with good tolerability and promising early signs of efficacy. The independent evaluation of the radiology data at six months from patients treated in cohort III and the expanded cohort IV is now finalised. A total of seven patients had radiologically evaluable cancer and four of these had objective tumour response, of which two were complete responses.”

To read PCI Biotech’s report in full, click here

Professor Dan Palmer and Dr Richard Sturgess in Liverpool have been involved with the initial study, (for information on this, click here) and PCI Biotech have now confirmed to AMMF that they will be involved with the next stage, too. Hammersmith are interested, and PCI are actively looking for more UK sites to participate, and will be opening new sites in several European countries.

Patients are not currently being recruited, but as soon as PCI Biotech confirm the trial is open and where the UK locations are, we will be updating our clinical trials page with the details.


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September 2016