AMMF joins European Cancer Patient Coalition

AMMF is pleased to have joined the  European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) as a full member.

ECPC is the largest European cancer patients’ umbrella organisation, representing 370+ organisations in dozens of countries.  One of the coalition’s main aims is to ensure no cancer is forgotten.

Providing a unified voice for cancer patients across Europe, ECPC is working towards equality for all cancer patients throughout Europe, so that all have timely and affordable access to the best treatment and care available.

ECPC policy and advocacy work aims are to:

– Anticipate and participate in the legislative and policy changes taking place at the EU level;
– Raise awareness about issues affecting European citizens affected by cancer;
– Provide decision makers with first-hand patient’s perspective.

AMMF looks forward to working with the ECPC for the benefit of cholangiocarcinoma patients in the UK and throughout Europe.

To read more about ECPC’s vision, mission and strategy, click here:

To read the ECPC announcement about AMMF, click here


June 2016