GWAS Cholangiocarcinoma Study

The Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS) for Cholangiocarcinoma

Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson and Dr. Shahid Khan at Imperial College London are collaborating on the GWAS project with the Mayo clinic in the USA1, as one of their ongoing studies in cholangiocarcinoma.

If you2 would be interested in donating blood and urine samples for analysis to the Imperial Hepatology & Gastroenterology BioBank for future research into cholangiocarcinoma, then please contact the Biobank Research team direct to arrange an appointment:

Ben Arrowsmith on: 0203 312 5961, or

Larry Koomson on: 0203 312 5806


The Mayo Clinic in the USA is running an international study comparing the DNA from samples of those diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, to those who do not have the disease, to try to identify genetic risk factors for this disease.

2 Anyone can participate – those diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, family members, friends.


August 2015  (contact details updated 06.10.16)