Interim Report from AMMF’s Research Fellow

AMMF has just received an interim report from the Institute of Hepatology in London on the cholangiocarcinoma research work being carried out there by our Research Fellow, Dr Gemma Choy.

This work has involved investigating whether the MAPK signalling pathway allows intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma cell proliferation.  We are very pleased to learn that the project is progressing well with results to date demonstrating that enhanced activation of MAPK signalling does appear important for cell proliferation, and suggests that targeting this with a chemical inhibitor may prove to be a therapeutic strategy for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

Dr Choy recently presented this work at the international meeting of the  Digestive Disorders Federation in London, where it was very well received.

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Dr Choy’s research is continuing now with sights set on pre-clinical studies exploring the use of a chemical inhibitor’s efficacy, as well as its possible toxicity, and we look forward to learning how this progresses.

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July 2015