AMMF at the London Marathon 2015

What a fantastic day! The biggest London Marathon in history, and amongst the many thousands who crossed the finish line in The Mall, none were more important or had more good wishes going with them than AMMF’s three runners – Rachel, Gary and Gwilym.

As 2015 was our Silver Bond year, we had one guaranteed place to offer. This went up for auction and the successful bidder was Rachel Munns, who wanted to run the marathon to raise funds for AMMF for a very good reason – in memory of her Dad. This is Rachel’s marathon ‘story’ in her own words

AMMF's Silver Bond runner, Rachel Munns

AMMF’s Silver Bond runner, Rachel Munns

“Running the London Marathon, a 26 mile ‘street party’ with over 36,000 attendees, was nothing short of an incredible experience. However, the journey to the start line and the reasons behind my run are perhaps more significant.

When my Dad passed away in September, I was faced with the question, well what do I do now? On a whim I applied for and accepted the AMMF Silver bond marathon place: it was my training plan that provided structure to weeks that were often difficult and my fundraising efforts for AMMF an avenue by which to honour my father’s memory, all whilst supporting a fantastic charity.

Having completed the marathon in sub 4 hrs and exceeding my fundraising target, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity and thankful for all the support along the way.”

It was Gary Sibley’s first London Marathon, literally following in Dad Trevor’s footsteps, as Trevor had previously run the marathon several times for AMMF. Although Gary is a seasoned runner, this first marathon proved tough, as he explained:

Gary Sibley - relieved to be back!

Gary Sibley – relieved to be back!

“That was the hardest run I’ve ever done, yet the best! All was going well until I got to mile 21 and then I hit that wall and just had to stop. I managed to pick up again at mile 23 and made it to mile 25, when I stopped again. Then seeing Big Ben spurred me on to run until the end. I was so relieved to cross that line, but glad I did it, nothing was stopping me finishing that marathon!!!”


Gwilym Lee with l to r, AMMF's Stephanie, Helen and Debbie

Gwilym Lee with l to r, AMMF’s Stephanie, Helen and Debbie


Our third runner for 2015 was Gwilym Lee, who used his place to run for AMMF because a good friend of his had recently been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. Gwilym scorched home in an amazing 3 hrs 12 mins, still managing to look fresh and relaxed when he met up with us at AMMF’s muster point on Horse Guards Parade.



Our amazing marathon runners each far exceeded their fundraising targets, raising to date £6,333 between them.  As AMMF intern, Rebecca, commented,

“I was at AMMF’s muster point on HorseGuards Parade during the day, and saw people of all ages and athletic abilities after they’d crossed the finish line. As I watched them being welcomed back, I saw in their faces how all the hard work and dedication had been completely worth it. I am so proud of all our runners and their achievements. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to train for and run a marathon, but I know that the money they have raised for AMMF will prove how worthwhile their efforts were.’

Rachel, Gary and Gwilym – you did yourselves and AMMF proud! We are so grateful to each of you.


April 2015