BLT’s ‘Your Liver’ Campaign

AMMF is pleased to support the ‘Your Liver’ campaign, a British Liver Trust campaign in partnership with MediaPlanet UK.

Launched on 13th March, with a supplement in The Independent and a dedicated website, the aim of the campaign is to highlight liver diseases and is a good opportunity to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma, one of the least known and poorly understood of the liver diseases.

AMMF ran an ad in the supplement, Your Liver, which appeared with The Independent, and supplied information on cholangiocarcinoma for the dedicated website.

The home page of the dedicated website, with “What is Cholangiocarcinoma” displayed prominently, which links through to a page with the facts and a link to AMMF.

The dedicated website is no longer active but you can visit the British Liver Trust website here:

AMMF’s informative ad, which appeared in The Independent supplement:

March 2015