Progress report from Institute of Hepatology

In May 2013, AMMF agreed a research grant of £34,800 with Professor Roger Williams, Director of The Institute of Hepatology, London. To support the work of Dr Salvatore Papa and his team on “Understanding the molecular basis for the development of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.”

The grant is to be given in three parts at annual intervals, the first instalment was made in 2013 with, as agreed, a progress report to be submitted prior to each subsequent instalment.

Following a update visit to the Institute of Hepatology in September 2014 by AMMF’s Helen Morement and Mrs Nicki Jackson (fundraiser and supporter), and receiving a progress report from Dr Salvatore Papa, it would seem this work is achieving some exciting early results.  The second part of the grant has now been made.

To read Dr Papa’s progress report on this work which is investigating what causes cholangiocytes (the cells forming the small bile ducts within the liver) to alter and become malignant, click here.

For more information on this research and AMMF’s involvement, click here

October 2014