CC gets a double page spread

It rarely happens this way round, but AMMF was recently contacted by Alan Shaw, the lead reporter at The Weekly News, who said he had just discovered a disease he found to be, “… intriguing for us as it’s not something of which I was previously aware, and the figures are truly frightening.”  The disease? Cholangiocarcinoma.

Alan offered to run a double-page spread in the health section of The Weekly News – fantastic!  But (there’s always a but, isn’t there), only if we could come up with a ‘case study’ who was willing to be interviewed the next morning!

A quick phone round, and ace AMMF supporter Beryl Jones agreed, with some trepidation, to be interviewed by Alan.  The result – a really good double page spread in a publication with a sizeable circulation.

Many thanks to Beryl for taking this on and doing such a good job – awareness raising at its best!

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August 2014