London Marathon 2014

AMMF’s runners for the 2014 London Marathon were, Chris Allum, James Gesner, Paul Miller and, a last minute member of Team AMMF, Ian Blackwell.

Chris Allum and his family have been fantastic supporters of AMMF for several years now.  This was his 2nd time running the London Marathon for  AMMF, and he had his good friend of some 20 years, James Gesner, running with him too, in memory of Chris’s Dad, Charlie.

It was 2nd time out running the marathon for AMMF too for Paul Miller from the Braintree & District Athletic Club. The club are huge supporters of AMMF – something Paul has, in no small measure, encouraged the club and its members towards.

Last but not least, and only discovered to be running for AMMF on the eve of the marathon, was Ian Blackwell. All Ian’s family have done much to support AMMF since losing Dad, Barry, to cholangiocarcinoma, and Ian took on the 2014 marathon in his Dad’s memory.

When marathon day, Sunday 13 April, arrived the sun shone, the sky was blue and the atmosphere was fantastic in the capital!!

It was a bit too warm at times out there on the marathon course, but AMMF’s runners, Chris, James, Paul and Ian, all successfully (and safely) crossed the finish line!

Huge thanks to these brilliant guys who have put in months of training to be able to take part in this world famous race – raising not only much needed funds for AMMF, but awareness of cholangiocarcinoma, too.

April 2014