AMMF’s Newsletter just out!

Time for an update …

It’s been two years since AMMF’s last newsletter, so more than time for an update!

In reviewing the last two years for the newsletter, successful would seem an odd word to use when we are concerned with such a devastating disease as cholangiocarcinoma, yet we have seen success and improvement in almost every area – awareness, diagnosis, treatments.  Still a hard road to travel – but the journey has begun.

AMMF has definitely broadened its outlook and its reach. We have more fundraisers and supporters than ever before, our Awareness Month is now firmly established and is helping us to reach all parts of the UK.  We are supporting a variety of research projects, and the charity is rapidly becoming the cholangiocarcinoma ‘go to’ organization, with requests for reviews and cooperation coming in from a wide variety of bodies.

In our latest newsletter, read about Our CC Family, our Grants Portfolio, AMMF’s external activities, awareness raising, the Thai connection, our fantastic fundraisers and much more …

AMMF is and, by its nature, will remain a niche charity. However, as we move into 2014, I believe it is safe to say it is now recognised as a force for good in the CC world, and is firmly established in order to continue the work towards its aims, which remain – to raise awareness, to encourage and support research and to provide information to those who need it.

It’s always good to get a chance to thank our amazing fundraisers and loyal supporters, and the newsletter gives us an opportunity to do this.  Heartfelt gratitude goes out every single one of you.  Without you the charity could not exist – with you, we hope to achieve a far better future for those diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma.

Helen Morement

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February 2014