The NHS Reforms explained …

At a recent Cancer52 meeting, Sasha Daly, Head of Policy at the Teenage Cancer Trust, gave a presentation on the reformed NHS England, what the structures are, how they link to each other and how they are mapped out both nationally and regionally.

Sasha had clearly done her homework, as she did an excellent job of explaining the complex new reforms. Her explanatory visuals are amongst the clearest we have seen. She has kindly agreed to us sharing them – stressing, though, that the reforms are ongoing, so it is important to note that this information is as at April 2013, and is not ‘official’ (ie not DH approved).

It remains to be seen how some of these reforms work in practice (such as the Commissioning Groups), but the following three visuals show who, or what group, is responsible for what, and how each area links:

1 . The new NHS England, and how it is now structured (as at April 2013):


2. The Cancer Care Pathway Key Stages following the NHS reforms (as at April 2013):


3. The New Regions, Commissioning Groups, Clinical Networks, etc, following the NHS reforms (as at April 2013):


AMMF is very grateful to Sasha Daly of the Teenage Cancer Trust for agreeing to share this information.

10 May 2013