CC Awareness Month 2013 Press Release

At the start of this year’s Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, AMMF is circulating a press release drawing attention to the recently published Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cholangiocarcinoma in the UK,

Drawn up by a group of leading GI specialists, and developed with the support of AMMF and The British Liver Trust, these guidelines have been comprehensively updated for the first time in over 10 years and draw together in one place all current information and recommendations.  As Dr Shahid Khan, who led the guidelines work, commented, “Despite treatment advances in many other types of cancer, with CC only 5% are likely to survive beyond a year.  The updated guidelines further our understanding into why the cancer arises, how it can be better diagnosed and reviews the latest treatments available.”

AMMF believes that this document should be read by all those medics who have responsibility for the care of CC patients, and all those who may have been diagnosed with CC so that they have a better understanding of this disease and the care and treatments they have a right to expect.

To read AMMF’s press release, which will be distributed during the February 2013 Awareness Month, click here

The full “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cholangiocarcinoma in the UK” are available on AMMF’s website as a download.  To access this, go to:


31 January 2013