CC in the Daily Express

During February, which was AMMF’s designated Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, AMMF supporter Malcolm Robinson, who has undergone CC surgery and chemotherapy, and Dr Shahid Khan,  Clinical Senior Lecturer & Consultant Physician at Imperial College London and advisor to AMMF, were both interviewed by Adrian Lee for the Daily Express “Your Health” section. 

Today, 17th April, that article appeared in the Daily Express – on pages 34 and 35!  Some inaccuracies – down to journalistic licence, no doubt – but overall a good awareness raising piece in a national paper and, as they say, “All publicity is good publicity!” (??)

To read the article, click here

17.04.2012  – Footnote to the above:

AMMF would like to thank Malcolm Robinson for being so open in sharing his experience of CC, and for doing such a sterling job in raising awareness. However, there are several inaccuracies in the article (not made by Malcolm nor Dr Shahid Khan, but doubtless journalistic licence), a couple of which we feel should be addressed. Firstly, “Possible risk factors are our poor diets and the binge-drinking epidemic …”, which gives the impression that CC is or could be somehow ‘self-inflicted’. This would seem to be confusing risk factors for cirrhosis with those for CC – whereas in fact most cholangiocarcinomas are NOT in patients with liver disease. And secondly, “Research is focusing on discovering new ways to burn away the tumours ….”. Neither AMMF nor Dr Shahid Khan (who was also interviewed for this article) have any idea what this is about!