International CC Guidelines

ILCA Plans International Guidelines on Cholangiocarcinoma

There is often considerable confusion over the treatment paths for cholangiocarcinoma that seem to differ from country to country. It is, therefore, very welcome news that The International Liver Cancer Association are producing their first ever International Guidelines on liver cancer and have chosen to do this on cholangiocarcinoma.

There will be representation from five countries on the International Expert Panel,  including Dr Shahid Khan, one of AMMF’s advisors, and Dr John Bridgewater from the UK.

The full panel will be:

Chair: Professor Gregory Gores (USA)

Dr John Bridgewater (UK)

Dr Shahid Khan (UK)

Dr Tushar Patel (US)

Professor Tim Pawlik (US)

Professor Young Nyun Park (Korea)

Professor Josep M Llovet (Spain)

Dr Peter Galle (Germany)

The planned deadline is December 2012.

The international guidelines will not replace the revised UK national CC guidelines (which we are just awaiting final approval of, and once published will be put on the website), but are expected to be similar as they will be applying the same evidence base.

(International Liver Cancer Association )

Update – February 2013

The CC International Guidelines have now been prepared by the expert panel and were sent for peer review to the Guidelines Committee of the ILCA a couple of weeks ago.

(The coordinating centre for these guidelines is the Mayo, on behalf of ILCA.)

Once approved and published, a copy of the International Guidelines will be available on AMMF’s website.