Helen says, “I’m lucky” …

Helen Tanner of Barnstaple, had never heard of cholangiocarcinoma until she was diagnosed with it in 2010.

Initially, she didn’t feel particularly ill; the only indication that something might be awry were a “couple of strange symptoms which didn’t feel quite right.”  As we know, CC can be very difficult to detect and is often diagnosed too late for surgery, which is currently the only treatment available.  Helen’s CC was picked up in time for surgery and, knowing only five per cent of people are alive a year after their diagnosis says, “I know I am very lucky to be one of those five per cent.”

Many thanks go to Helen for giving a very full interview on her experience with CC to the North Devon Journal during Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month.

To read Helen’s story in the article that appeared in the North Devon Journal on 16th February, click here