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    Looking for some advice if anyone can help. My mum was diagnosed in Feb this year and has just finished Chemo (unfortunately unable to have surgery but it has shrunk a bit which is great was originally 3cm now is 2.5cm) but she is really struggling with nausea. She has tried a few medications to ease it but they are not really working, she has also tried peppermint and a few other things. But I wondered if anyone else has felt like that and has any ideas for her? She has been chemo free now for 1 month and they dont think she should still be feeling like this so the tumour might be pressing on something which is making her feel sick but its really getting her down and she us unable to eat because of it. Any advice would be great. Thanks- stay positive x



    Dear Courty

    Sorry to hear that your Mum is struggling with nausea after her chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can make people feel very sick, but this should wear off once the chemo is finished. If this is not diminishing, then she should really get medical advice. Does she have a CNS (clinical nurse specialist) she can contact to ask what she should do?

    In the meantime, Penny Brohn UK is very helpful with hints and tips on managing chemo side effects and much else besides (they are the UK leaders in holistic care) – they’re on AMMF’s Helpful Links page, but this will take you directly to them:


    I hope others may come in here to let you have their experiences and what they have found helpful.

    If there is anything else you think we can help with, please ask.

    Best wishes


    Please be aware that all information shared by AMMF on its website, or by its Moderators in the Discussion Forum is for guidance only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care by a qualified doctor or other health care professional. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment.



    Dear Courty…….nausea also affected my wife throughout her chemo and indeed afterwards. There are many anti sickness drugs available and if you have a diligent GP he/she will prescribe something suitable and if they don’t help then chase them up and try another until she can feel like eating. Like Tom, the moderator, Penny Brohn was a great help, do look them up,their approach to cancer encompasses ALL aspects of how this insidious disease affects not only the cancer patient but their carers (very often overlooked)….indeed, we spent a weekend at their centre near Bristol, all free, ( DONATIONS gratefully received of course) in 5* accommodation and they were just so welcoming and helpful. There are so many ideas as to how/why this cancer is increasing and their help encouraged us to pursue a totally organic diet, filtered water, meditation etc, indeed everything that you can think of that may help. I appreciate that going down this road may incur an increase financially, but I would have sold everything to alleviate the suffering she went through. I wish you well in your journey and sincerely hope you soon see an improvement in her condition.

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    Dear Sprouty

    Thank you for coming in with some information for Courty – but I was very sorry to learn from your other helpful posts that you have recently lost your wife to cholangiocarcinoma … Sincere condolences from everyone at AMMF on your sad loss.

    I’m glad that you and your wife benefited from your time at the Penny Brohn centre – they are unique in what they do, and have so much practical help and advice to offer.

    I hope you will visit AMMF’s forum often, and help others with your advice and comments – invaluable to have this from those who have ‘walked the walk’.

    Best wishes




    I was diagnosed in 2003 and received an operation in the same year. I had chemo for 31 weeks afterwards (once per week) and after about week 9 started to feel very green around the gills. We are all different and food sometimes didn’t solve it. What did solve it was salt & vinegar chip sticks. It seemed to take the edge off of it for me. Probably something to do with the fats, but the taste was amazing! Could be worth a try?

    Hope mum starts to feel better soon.

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