The TAS-120 trial

The TAS-120 trial may be suitable for those who have the FGFR gene abnormality present in their tumour, and for whom there are no other available therapies.

The Principal Investigator on the trial is Dr T Arkenau at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute in London, where the trial is being held.  The trial is fully funded and approved, and NHS patients are eligible.

To see information on the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, go to:

For further details on the TAS-120 trial, go to:

and   and search for trial number: NCT02052778

Professor John Bridgewater at University College Hospital London, has links with Dr Arkenau at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and can arrange for testing to be done for the gene abnormality.

Professor John Bridgewater’s contact details:
Tel: 020 3447 9093
Fax: 020 3447 9055

UCL Cancer Institute
72 Huntley Street
London   WC1E 6AA

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