Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month

February 2017

Throughout February each year, AMMF redoubles its efforts to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (CC) throughout the UK.

During February 2017, let’s work together to raise awareness and fundraise. These are ways you can get involved:

  • Join us on AMMF’s social media sites, Facebook and Twitter
  • Follow the daily Guest Posts feature on AMMF’s Facebook page
  • Take part in the “Say it, Share it, Send it!” campaign
  • Join the GP Awareness Campaign

The “Say it, Share it, Send it!” campaign

Throughout February 2017, AMMF is asking its supporters to raise awareness by taking part in the simple “Say it, Share it, Send it!” campaign with their friends, family and colleagues – by asking them to pronounce ‘cholangiocarcinoma’, sharing the symptoms and facts, and then sending us your great photos of the willing participants.

Follow these simple instruction to take part in the “Say it..!” awareness raising campaign:

  • Download a copy of our, “Say it, Share it, Send it!” awareness raising sheet. It prints to one side of an A4 sheet). Fold in half at the dotted line.
  • Show a friend the “Cholangiocarcinoma” side and ask them to say the word. Help them out if they have trouble!
  • Share the information on the back, so they know what cholangiocarcinoma is.


  • Take a photo of them with the sheet, or get someone to take a photo of you both.
  • Post the photo on AMMF’s Facebook page, or email to (If you’re really adventurous, you could video them saying ‘cholangiocarcinoma’ and send that to us!)
  • Ask them to keep the sheet and try this out on their friends.
  • Download more copies – and repeat …
  • To download the ‘Say it, Share it, Send it!’ campaign sheet, click here.


Daily Guest Posts on AMMF’s Facebook page

AMMF’s Guest Post feature, which we have run during Awareness Month for several years now, is open to everyone whose life has been affected by cholangiocarcinoma, giving an opportunity to share experiences and thoughts, together with photos and music links.

With just one Guest Post per day, each attracts an enormous amount of attention, and many supportive comments. Personal stories are simply the most powerful form of awareness raising – the number of likes, shares and supportive comments each Guest Post received in 2016 was beyond anything we have seen before – and the number of newsfeeds around the world that they reached was amazing.

Make sure you visit AMMF’s Facebook home page and like comment and share each of the inspirational Guest Posts!

This year’s Guest Posts

And for the first time this year, the Guests Posts will also appear on AMMF’s website during the month.  To see the 2017 Awareness Month Guest Posts, please click here.

To see AMMF’s 2016 Guest Posts, click here

AMMF’S Twibbon

AMMF’s Twibbon

Raise awareness and show your support for AMMF by adding the AMMF icon Twibbon to the corner of your profile photo on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s easy to do, just click the link and follow the simple instructions.  For your AMMF Twibbon, click here

European Medical Journal

AMMF is joining with the European Medical Journal to raise the profile of cholangiocarcinoma throughout February’s Awareness Month.  Their cholangiocarcinoma infographics will appear across the social media platforms throughout the month – look out for them!  (

World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2017

The second World Cholangiocarcinoma Day will take place on 15 February 2017.

AMMF is delighted to be one of the six partners from around the world who have joined forces to create an international collaboration calling for much-need awareness of the devastating disease, cholangiocarcinoma.

To find out more, click here.

Have you visited AMMF’s online shop?

There’s a wide range of awareness raising items available in AMMF’s on line shop.  To visit the shop click here

Visit AMMF’s on line shop!

January 2017

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